Automatically deploy WordPress site from GitLab to your server using Git FTP

I’ve been using GitLab CI more and more to replace the traditional Filezilla method. When you use git-FTP with Gitlab, all the process of transfer of files will be automatic. You don’t need to frequently move the files to your server manually. Getting started To start using GitLab CI you have to […]

How to Set Customizer Values by Javascript in a Multidimensional Array

Sometimes you may need to set the values in a multidimensional array in the customizer settings. For a single value like text field, text area or radio button it is pretty easy but for a multidimensional array, it is a complex one. Use the below code to save in a multidimensional array.

Create ZIP file using GIT

There are times when you might want to use git to zip files. I am a WordPress Developer so below codes are taken from one of my projects. The above code will search the folders wp-content/themes/travelers-blog and put all the files of /travelers-blog in –prefix=travelers-blog/ will create travelers-blog folder inside the […]